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July 13–16, 2017

Updating content daily now – 10 days and counting!


This message is a PSA to share that we have finalized most of the schedule for WW and will be updating the website daily (if not multiple times a day) with those and many other details.  10 days and counting!

Thank you all for being a part of the magic that makes our game so amazing,


Last WW work weekend coming fast.

We had a very successful prep time last weekend with about 20 people working together to make this WW a great success.

This coming weekend will be our last work weekend, and we expect that we will have a big turnout. Many groups have indicated that this will be the weekend to prep their annual camping spots. Please be sure to check in at Strawboss or with an Autocrat when you arrive.

See you soon!

Meadhth, Coquette, Matthias and Bazyili.

WW Work Weekend #7

Good morning from Whispering Pines campground. The birds greeted the dawn with gusto this morning. Such noisy neighbors! 😁

It is already a beautiful day and we are set to make more magic happen on site. Matthias has the coffee pot going and we are prepping for the many helpers coming here to lend a hand today.  This is a huge event and only possible because of the support from both host Baronies and multiple other Cantons, Households, etc.  Today I am thankful for the individual people willing to give up their time off to come to the site today or on any of the previous work weekends and get dirty in order to make the event space more inviting and accessible for everyone.  All are welcome, and we have projects for all levels of physical ability. (We will be making street signs today and need painters.)

Note:  Please check in at Strawboss or with an Autocrat whenever you arrive at the Campground.  We promise not to give you a group project if you are coming out to do the annual spruce up of your personal WW camping area. We have a responsibility to the owners of this land who are granting such open access to their property and amenities, and need to be aware of anyone on site for SCA- related activities.  My cell phone gets service all over the site if you can’t find us: 612.834.7220.  Thank you.

It’s good to be Northshield!

– Coquette

Camping Registrations

Good morning Northshield! (and friends)

We are excited to announce that we will are accepting WW preregistration this year.  This option was added for those unable to participate in the weekend workdays or otherwise reserve camping space for the event.  Please see the Camping Reservations page for details.

Land reservations and Preregistration are available through June 23rd.  No additional fees will be charged to have land reserved; but know that preregistration payments are not refundable.

For those of you who are able to come and help prep the site this summer, we will have at least one Autocrat on site every weekend in May through the event.  (also on Memorial Day)  Please check in at the Strawboss site when you arrive.  SCA campers can camp in the Strawboss area for free on those work weekends, and we have some basic amenities set up in our base camp there.

Thank you,

Meadhth, Coquette, Mattias and Bazyli.

WW Workday

Just a note to confirm that we will be hosting a workday on site tomorrow, Sunday, May 21st.

Please check in with Coquette at Strawboss or by calling 612-834-7220 when you arrive.

NOTICE!!!!!!! Work Day cancelled

NOTICE! Due to bad weather forecasts for Osseo tonight and tomorrow, we are cancelling Saturday as a WW work day. Please still join us this Sunday, May 21st. Baroness Coquette will be there by 9am on Sunday.

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