(Read like a infomercial)

They say if you say something enough you get what you want. 🙂12698314_10153931620822658_3178140287500650457_o

Hi, (Waving) I am Baron Frederick de Fulbert, OL. One half of the Autocrat team for this year’s Warriors and Warlords.

I have a message, a very important message, and a question.  🙂

My Message:  Please! HELP us!

My Question: Can you sit by the wayside and watch all of our fighters, volunteers, bards, and populace go without water, wander aimlessly, not sing in a group setting or not have a Baronial get together to go to?

Well, you can help.

We are looking for a few fine folks to help us with coordinating these areas of this year’s WW and for your contribution you will receive.

As the waterbearing coordinator you would get the respect and gratitude of all the fighting community and others in need of water throughout the event.

As the volunteer coordinator the thanks and gratitude of all the other coordinators and many others for allowing them to be able to see the event and not have to sit in one place all day and run their areas.

As the bardic coordinator you will gain the respect of all the bards for getting them a place to sit and be comfortable while singing their songs or playing their music.

As the baronial showcase coordinator everyone will praise your coordinating skills for putting together a really cool party where all can come and mingle and have fun.

If you are interested in any of these positions please, please, please, give of your time so we may have a fun and safe experience this year at Warriors and Warlords.

You can contact me at or send your acceptance to:  Barrows.Pronto@gmail.com or contact either of the Barons or Baronesses of Jararvellir or Nordskogen with your questions.

Thank You and again,

Please Help.  😐



If you are interested in one of the following roles at Warriors and Warlords, or would like more information about the responsibilities of a particular role, please contact the autocrats.

All positions filled.

Water Bearing Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

Bardic Coordinator


Baronial Festival Coordinator –
Please contact the Baronage of either Nordskogen or Jararvellir