• Merchants are allowed on site beginning on Wednesday, July 10th.
  • Legacy camps are allowed on site after 4pm, Wednesday, July 10th.
  • General populace are allowed on site beginning at 9am, July 11th.
  • The camping area is laid out with designated quiet and loud camping areas. Please respect these designations. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. Complaints concerning noise in quiet camping should be directed to the Courtesy Patrol or the Event Stewards.
  • Any large-scale, decorative structures must be approved by the Event Stewards before construction.
  • No ghost camping is allowed. If reserving space for others arriving later, use lathe and rope or a ground cloth (if less than 24 hours). Please reserve only a reasonable amount of space for your needs.

Electrical Usage (CPAP Usage / Disability Camping / Electronics Charging)

  • The site has electrical connections in many locations that can be used.  General electrical use is provided free.
  • RVs (or anything that has air conditioning) will be charged $10/day.

RV Use

  • The Tomah fairgrounds has significantly more space for RVs and campers than our previous site.

Fires and Fire Safety

The below rules apply ONLY if there are no other burning restrictions in place.

  • Fires must be in off-the-ground fire containers or existing site fire pits.
  • Cold ash and cinders should be disposed of in a designated dumping area.
  • Unattended fires will be extinguished.
  • All flames (including candles) must be contained in non-flammable containers and have a bucket of water or fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergency.


  • There is no trash pick-up from campsites. Everyone is responsible for bringing their trash to the bins provided for that purpose or to the dumpster.
  • Please tie your garbage bags closed.
  • Please clean your campsite thoroughly before leaving, including all tobacco-related materials.


Pets are allowed on site.

No large animals allowed, with the exception of the equestrian activities. Pets will not be allowed in areas where food is being prepared or sold. If there are a lot of rules violations, pets may not be allowed on site in the future.

Dog-Specific Rules

If you decide to bring your dog, remember that you are responsible for each and every action your dog makes. You and you alone.

When you check in at gate, it is expected that you inform the folks behind the table that you have brought your canine buddy with you. Your dog’s name, a brief description and/or photo will be taken, for accountability, and to separate “our” dogs from the non-SCA dogs that have access to the campsite.

There is the strong expectation that you will be loving and caring provider for your canine friend and that your animal will be a well-behaved guest.


  • Dogs must be on leashes at all times.
  • Please DO NOT tie your dog up in a place were it can touch or reach passer bys, or blocking foot paths.
  • Dogs must be adequately fed, watered, and sheltered throughout your stay at WW.
  • You will curb your dog. If you are out and about it is expected that you clean up after them.
  • Noise complaints. It is the view of the staff that if a dog is barking there is a reason for them to be doing so: they are either alerting you to an outside presence or are in need of something. Event Stewards will work as intermediaries between the complainant and the owner to correct the situation. If it cannot be corrected, and it will not cease, the dog owner will expected to leave site and take the pooch back home.

With this in mind, you and your hound are cordially welcomed to WW and we bid you both a wondrous time!


Do’s and don’t around horses at events
Minors must be under adult supervision at all times while in the Equestrian area.
Never approach within ten feet of a horse with out the rider’s or owner’s consent.
A red tassel or ribbon on a horse indicates that the horse may bite or kick. Do not approach this horse.
Do not make fast or large movements around the horse.
Do not make loud noises around the horses.
Do not feed the horses anything without the owner’s permission.
Yellow ribbons indicate a stallion, who should always be treated with caution.
Do watch where you step around the Equestrian area. Horses are not picky about where they defecate.
Do feel free to ask for permission to approach the horse. We like it when you too can enjoy our horses!
If a horse is having trouble, i.e. rearing, bucking or acting scared, you should clear the area. 50 feet.
Do come and watch the activities, ask questions, offer to participate in any way you can!

Radio Use

Please use channels 1, 2, and 10–14 for personal communications. Channels 3–9 are in use by event departments.


  • During loading and unloading, vehicles must remain on designated roads. Do not drive into the camping areas.
  • Vehicles must be removed to designated parking as soon as unloading is completed.
  • Any vehicle left unattended, not currently being used for loading or unloading, is subject to being TOWED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE.


  • No illegal substances.  If it’s illegal mundanely, it’s illegal at WW.
  • Trailers must be parked in trailer area of the parking lot.
  • Generators are not allowed at WW for any reason.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the permanent camp structures, including the large shelter. Please do not throw butts on the ground.
  • Minors and adults serving minors alcohol will be evicted from site with no refund of fees paid. The adults legally responsible for such minors shall also be evicted from site with no refund of fees paid.
  • Glass containers are allowed, provided they are inside a break-proof container (such as a cooler, box, or sturdy cloth bag) during transport.
  • No broken glass may be left on the grounds.


The Event Stewards reserve the right to evict people from the site at their discretion. If obnoxious, dangerous, or otherwise intolerable behavior presents itself, the Event Stewards can and will ask the person responsible to leave. In other words, the Event Stewards reserve the right to smite the stupid. Don’t be stupid. Let’s make this a fun time for everyone.