When Warriors & Warlords weas at its previous site the staff has started a pre registration program. This was laid out for groups who wanted to claim land as there was a fair amount of scrub and pine needles that needed to be removed which was called sweat equity. However with the Tomah Fairgrounds there is no need to clear the land.

What we are doing this year is using the pre registration system for groups that wish to “call dibs” on a chunk of land, whether in quiet or loud camping, that is big enough for their needs, and won’t necessarily be there en masse on Thursday morning to “stake their claim”.

As this is a new site there have been voiced concerns that there won’t be enough space for all of us. So, if you’re wanting to hedge your bet, the pre reg system is there to relieve you of some of your worries. However, we the event stewards, assure you we are all going to fit in just fine regardless of when you show up.