We love our dogs. However not everyone loves our dogs as much as we do. This year we are adding a Pet Coordinator to the staff in order to keep track of who has dogs, make sure those dogs stay safe and make sure that everyone else is safe as well in regards to those dogs.

Our Pet Coordinator is M’Lady Pickles Drake/Becky Puckett.

Warriors and Warlords Pet Policy
All animals shall be trolled in and have a site token on them at all times.This site token will have their owners name/Scadian name and how to reach them on it.
All animals must be contained by items such as leashes, fences, tie-outs, kennels, etc.
All animals are expected to have food, shade, and ample water. 
Barking and other animal noises should be minimal during dark hours.
Any animals found wandering or disturbing the peace may be asked to leave site. A list of daycare and kenneling locations with prices will be available with animal control and at info point. 
Aggressive animals will be asked to leave immediately.
Pet owners with multiple offenses may be asked to leave site along with their pet with no refund of site fee. 
A list of emergency vet locations will be available with animal control and at info point.