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July 7–10, 2016

Work Weekend 29th(Sun) and 30th(Mon) of May.

!!! WW Workweekend Post !!!

I will be on site the 29th and the 30th of May. This is Sunday Monday of Memorial weekend.

I will be there from between 9 and 10am to 4pm to help people with there sites. I have need of folks to help with cleaning up. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Bring rakes, shovels, chainsaws, whatever you have. Thanks and see ya there.

Next work weekend. May 21st and 22nd

The next work weekend will be over the weekend of May 21st, 22nd.  Some one will be there by 10:00am on both days to 4pm.

The Autocrats.

Work Weekend May 5th and 7th


This weekend the 7th and the 8th Matt Schwall Matthias will be onsite for a work weekend. He will have the map of places and the power to say yes or no. smile emoticon If you are going to be onsite for the work weekend please let Matthias know that you are there and where you are planning to camp so he can consult the Map of places and make sure you are not on a site that is already taken. He will also be able to help you mark it if it gets the go ahead.

If you do not see your camp on the map that means you have not been out to the site to do some cleanup on it or spent time making it better. Please email me if you have any questions. You can find my email on the website. smile emoticon

THIS SITE MAP IS NOT COMPLETE. All the camping areas are denoted however.

Right click the image and choose to view in another tab.


T-shirt and sales Art Competition

It’s time once again for the Warriors and Warlords T-Shire and Site Token design contest!
This contest, open to all artists, is to find a new design for Warriors and Warlords XXIII.  Submissions need to be submitted to the email listed below no later than Friday, June 10th.
Guidelines for submissions:
Since this event is co-hosted by the Barony of Nordskogen and the Barony of Jaraveiller, it is preferable that heraldry elements from both baronies are included:  Nordskogen (snowflakes) and Jaraveiller (cat fish).
This is a family friendly event and therefore the artwork should be tasteful and family friendly as well.
The size of the design should be approximately 12” x 12”.
Colors:  2-color is best, but 4-color is acceptable.
Include options with and without the “XXIII” as well as options to be used for more than just t-shirts, such as tokens.
Format:  the following file formats will be accepted:  .ai, .eps, .jpg or .png
Send your entries or questions to: Denise Plonis (THL Tatiana of Varena) at:  Tatiana_varena@yahoo.com

WW work weekend Apr. 30th and May 1st

Next weekend both April 30th and May 1st I will be at the WW site for work days. If you plan on coming please bring gloves and any other safety equipment you think you will need. Chainsaws, weed whips, saws any thing that will help to clear areas for use. Thank You.


Looking for a Gate Keeper


While spring is just barely upon us, planning for Warriors and Warlords is
well underway. This year the autocrats have asked me, the event exchequer,
to find a willing gentle to run the Gate because the Gate and Exchequer
work very closely together. For those who have run Gate at a smaller event,
the procedures are the same, just covering a few days instead of several
hours. This is a 2 year position.

The general job description is:
-Provide a welcoming atmosphere for volunteers and patrons at the Gate, as
the Gate is the first experience almost everyone has with the event
-Determine staffing levels and determine Gate hours in concert with Event
-Recruit volunteers (who sign up online or at Info Point)
-Train volunteers on procedures and, where relevant, confirm that
membership requirements are met
-Confirm that paperwork is filled out accurately, in concert with the Event
-Structure the Gate area as necessary to efficiently register gentles for
the event

The Head Porter does not need to be at the Gate every hour it is open, or
even most hours it is open. Granted, it is usually a fun place to be,
however it is not a requirement of the position.

If you are interested and/or have any questions about the position, please
feel free to email me. angie.giles@gmail (dot) com

In service,
Duchess Æsa Gilsdottir
WW Event Exchequer

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