Welcome to the Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans information page of the WW XXV website!

If you wish to sell in any fashion at Dub-Dub, you must register with the Merchant Liaison for the event. That would be Gerald Loosehelm. We, and I mean the Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans of Northshield and the SCA, wish to make the Merchant Row a draw for the event. For that reason there will be some slight changes. We will have a village green with a firepit for everyone to gather and relax, we will have a “M.A.S.H.” pole with directions to places in the Known World (more on those later).

A little about me if you have not met me yet. My name Is Gerald Loosehelm. I joined the SCA in A.S. XIX (19) And have been in Northshield since 1989. I used to fight all of the time but the doctors put an end to that (I still consider myself a stickjock). I am working my way back to Rapier or C&T. In the meantime, I tend to be a cheerleader for anything to do with A&S. Hence doing this with the Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans.

Now you may have noticed this is not the ‘Merchants’ page anymore. There is a simple reason for that. During the course of several conversations around campfires, I noticed that many of the people who ‘sell’ in the SCA do not think that such a simple label encompasses what we do. So by acknowledging that Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans all sell in the SCA, We hope to make an area that is welcome to all to visit, socialize, learn, and have a good time.

Important information can be shared in many ways. My personal preference is as a bulleted list.
Below in a list form you will find some important information that I suggest you read. You will need to know this to better help you fill out your applications. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact me at the link below.

  • The Merchant Liaison is Gerald Loosehelm.
  • This registration is for Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans space only. You must still fill out the registration to attend.
  • Preregistration for space is required of all merchants/smiths and Artisans.
  • Let me repeat that first item: Preregistration for space is required of all merchants/smiths and Artisans.
  • Your registration must include a completed Wisconsin Department of Revenue S-240 form. Link Below.
  • Let me repeat that second item: Your registration must include a completed Wisconsin Department of Revenue S-240 form. This form can be downloaded, filled out and mailed with your registration, or it may be handed to The Merchant Coordinator at the event. No merchant will be allowed to set up if this form is not completed and in the possession of the Merchant Liaison.
  • There is no fee for being part of the Merchant Row at WW XXV.
  • There is a fee for electricity and should be paid to the owners of the campground when you arrive on site. If you wish electric service, the fee is $25. This will cover your whole time at the event. EACH Merchant, Smith, and Artisan must pay this. You will not be able to share a line.
  • You must provide your own power cords and splitters.
  • You must provide your own tables, chairs, tent and or pavilion.
  • Please include the size(s) of your tent and or pavilion, including space for ropes
  • Space will be allocated by frontage. This is how much space you need for the front of your retail area for people to enter. (Example below of how to determine this.)
  • Registered merchants may begin setting up on Wednesday, July 12, anytime after noon.
  • I will be on site to let you know where your space is located.
  • You are responsible for the safety and security of your tent(s), belongings and merchandise while you are at the event.
  • No ground fires or firepits will be allowed in the Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans area except in authorized areas. These are the Smiths area and the Village Square.
  • All flame sources must be actively supervised and contained in non-flammable containers.
  • All of the Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans will be required to bring a small stored-pressure fire extinguisher with them and have it in a ready-to-hand location.
  • Please pick up after yourself at the end of the event. We have a reputation of leaving the site cleaner than we found it.
  • Remember that this is an event of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. I would ask that your merchandise and selling space be as historically correct as possible.
  • Power and Water can not be guaranteed.
  • Food merchants must comply with all state and local licensing regulations and food safety standards.
  • Registrations must be postmarked by June 20 or you may not merchant/smith. Confirmation of space will be announced via the email you supply on this form.
  • If you have not preregistered, you will 1.) not be allowed to set up early. and 2.) will be placed in whatever space I can find for you after the
    preregistered Merchants, Smiths, and Artisans have have arrived and are set up. And 3.) be aware there might not be space left for you to set up.
  • If you have registered and must cancel, please do so before June 20th, 2018.
  • If you have to cancel please email the Merchant Liaison Gerald Loosehelm.


Space will be allocated by frontage. This is how much space you need for the front of your retail area for people to enter.
lets use my tent and pavilion as an example. I have a 10X10 pavilion and will have a 8X8 shade that I will be selling from.
My shade and pavilion both need an additional 5 feet to either side for ropes. My pavilion will be placed behind my shade.
So Lets add that up. Tent will need a space of 20 feet wide and that will also hold my shade. Length of my pavilion with ropes will be 20 feet.
The ropes to the back of my shade can cross my pavilion ropes so it only has a depth of 13 feet. So I will request a space of 35 feet deep, with a frontage of 20 feet.

I will try to fit everyone in but due to trees, stumps, and poles, Some changes might have to be made.

More about Power cords.

All of the cords that cross common areas must be buried. Keep that in mind when you go to purchase them. All cords will be required to have a 3 prong cord. If the ground is broken or missing, it will not be allowed to be used.

Typically, you can find a cord’s gauge rating printed on the cord jacket. If you’re buying a new power cord, look for the AWG number printed on the jacket, and select a new cord with the same gauge.

To determine the cord’s capacity, consider the cord length along with the wire gauge. Every extra foot of cord increases the electrical resistance, which decreases the power the cord can deliver to connected devices. Because of this, it’s best to use a cord that is only as long as you need.I suggest bringing two 25 foot cords at a minimum as that is generally enough to split off of another cord to your camp.

I would recommend the following: Cord Length: 25 to 50 feet. Wire Gauge: If you are using this only for lights, 14gauge (medium Duty). (Look for cords marked 14/3). If you will be using tools of any sort, I suggest 10 Gauge (Extra Heavy Duty). Look for cords marked 10/3).

“M.A.S.H.” pole

At this point, I am planning a round pole and the signs will be ‘Grading Stakes’ to allow for a lot of them to be added. More info will be added later.

Village Square

More information will be posted later about this. But we will have a place for people to rest and enjoy this quiet area. We are hoping to make it a central area for people to gather. The M.A.S.H. pole will be located here.

S-240 Form for Merchants

If you have any questions about paying sales and use tax in Wisconsin, Please visit the The Wisconsin Department of Revenue website for correct information.

This web page will answer most of your questions. Wisconsin Temporary Events Program Common Questions.

Download this form: Wisconsin Temporary Event Operator and Seller Information Form S-240 for WW XXV Merchants