We are so very excited that equestrian activities are coming to Warriors & Warlords 26. This is the first year the WW has had horses, so we want everyone to be educated as well as entertained.

Our Equestrian Marshal in Charge is Syr Durand Fitz Robert. To see what he has planned for the ten horses and their riders who have told us they are coming, please check out the martial activities schedule.

The horses will be stabled at the horse barn on one side of the event, and will be participating in the activities in the paddock on the other side of the event. Thus there will be traffic from one side to the other. Because of this interaction between campers and horses we will be having everyone who gates in to read the rules regarding horses.

Here are those rules:
Do’s and don’t around horses at events
Minors must be under adult supervision at all times while in the Equestrian area.
Never approach within ten feet of a horse with out the rider’s or owner’s consent.
A red tassel or ribbon on a horse indicates that the horse may bite or kick. Do not approach this horse.
Do not make fast or large movements around the horse.
Do not make loud noises around the horses.
Do not feed the horses anything without the owner’s permission.
Yellow ribbons indicate a stallion, who should always be treated with caution.
Do watch where you step around the Equestrian area. Horses are not picky about where they defecate.
Do feel free to ask for permission to approach the horse. We like it when you too can enjoy our horses!
If a horse is having trouble, i.e. rearing, bucking or acting scared, you should clear the area. 50 feet.
Do come and watch the activities, ask questions, offer to participate in any way you can!

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please as the Equestrian MIC or the Event Stewards.

Thank you