•  Camping at WW is available by reserving spaces or by arriving and choosing from remaining areas.  There’s a lot of room, so last-minute arrivals can be accommodated.  Just let the Gate volunteers know that you need a space when you arrive and they will direct you to the open spaces.

Camping space can be reserved in advance in one of two ways:

  1. Sweat Equity
  2. Paid Preregistration

Sweat Equity is an unusual SCA reservation practice, but one used at our current event location.  Much of the land was undeveloped when we first moved here, and many groups have worked to transform wooded areas into beautiful campsites.  Those gentles who have invested their personal time and money into the beautification of their campsites have earned the right to re-claim and “freshen-up” that same spot each year.  Each group needs to have a representative connect with the Autocrats before June 10th to indicate their intentions to use their traditional camping area, or the area will be utilized for pre-registration camping.  To help expedite the Trolling-in process at Gate, a list of those adults expecting  to camp in the group’s area should be submitted via the Sweat Equity form .  While still not refundable, the preregistration monies paid can be transferable to others within the group.

Pre-registration for WW is offered to any people who want to have camping land or one of the SCARCE event RV rental spots reserved for them.**  This is a good way for out-of-town groups and households who wish to camp together to make sure that they are not scattered throughout the campground when  they arrive.  Payment and reservation details (Name, estimated arrival date & time, and camping area preferences) must be received by June 23rd to guarantee that a spot will be held. No additional fees will be charged to have land reserved, but know that preregistration payments are not refundable.

** Note that RV hookup spots will be given in  deference to those with medical needs and date of reservation. **

Here are the forms:

Preregistration Form

Sweat Equity Form

Thank you, and see you in July!