Warriors + Warlords XXI

July 10–13, Osseo, WI

Changes! Additions! Locations!

Peerage Meetings:
Pelican Meeting: 6:00 PM Friday in the large pavilion on the Battle Field
Chivalry Meeting: 7:00 PM Friday in the large pavilion on the Battle Field
Laurel Meeting: 9:00 AM Saturday in the large pavilion on the Battle Field

Court Meeting:
Court Meeting: 4:30 PM, Saturday in the large pavilion on the Battle Field.

Class Additions:
Boffer Combat Organizational Meeting: 9 AM Saturday in the Activity Classroom
Herald’s Gathering: 12:00 PM in the Lecture Classroom

Cook’s Challenge:
Fair Weather Plan A: 5:00-8:00 PM Friday near the Rapier Field
Foul Weather Plan B: 5:00-8:00 PM Friday in the Activity Classroom

Bead Classes:
(Schedule is tentative, meet and greet is free, all other activities are $5)
Meet and Greet: 8:00-9:00 PM Thursday at the Bead Tent- come check out the schedule
Beginning Bead Class 9:00-11:00 AM Friday
Open Torch 11:30 AM-12:30 PM Friday
Advanced Bead Class: 2:00-3:00 PM Friday – pulling stringers, making dots etc (must have a knowledge of the Beginning class, this class will not have a refresher on how to make a bead)
Open Torch 8:00 PM Friday
Beginning Bead 9:00-11:00 AM Saturday
Beginning Bead
2:00-4:00 PM Saturday

Site Booklet Online

WW booklet 063014 really final


PLEASE NOTE: There have been changes to the schedule as printed – see updates in this blog and/or Info Point on site, as additional changes are likely as the event progresses!

Site Prep (a Second Time!)

Event Autocrat Gunther KegSlayer reports the following:

Just heard from the Site Owner. He’s very happy with the work that’s been done and this weekend (June 27–29) is fine for more people to come out and do more of the same. Again, camping overnight (in a tent) is free!

Is there a Chirurgeon in the House?

THL Fiona the Younger has put forth a plea to Chirurgeons who plan on being in attendance to considering volunteering for a shift or two to help her out. With so many people on site, it’s very important to have extra healing hands available!

Contact her as soon as possible in order to be added to the schedule.

Volunteer at Info Point

Mistress Rosanore needs a few hearty souls to help in her work at the Information Point. Reposting from Facebook!

This year, we are at a new site and, thus, the services of Info Point are even more essential this year! Please sign up for a shift at Info. Point and help me share all the wonderful new features of this site and the area around it.

No previous experience working in this job is required, so, this is a great job for newcomers and experienced folk alike. Come join us in providing a useful service to your fellow SCAdians!

To sign up, please contact me directly!


I am not the Keymaster. For that, you probably want to talk to Tatiana of Varena, who is the lady of the Gate, and is anxiously awaiting volunteers to help out there during the event. This was recently posted to the Warriors and Warlords XXI Facebook page:

I’m looking for volunteers to help with Gate.

If you are interested please contact me at gate@warriorsandwarlords.org.

Tatiana of Varena

Waterbearers Sought

Sighted on Facebook for Warriors and Warlords XXI:


I, Lady Zahra, am looking for waterbearing volunteers. Volunteers will be helping with:

  1. setting up and tearing down a car port shade for the waterbearing station and
  2. bringing water to armored heavy and rapier fighters and assorted classes.

If you are interested, please message me on Facebook so that it will not become lost on the WW event page.

Thank you and see you at WW!

Help keep the populace happy and hydrated during those dog days of summer!

Early Work Weekend Update

For those coming to help prepare the site this weekend, the following items could come in handy.

  • pruning shears
  • shovels
  • rakes
  • hand saws
  • polesaw
  • hatchet/axe
  • cordless saws (there is power on site to recharge batteries)
  • chainsaw

Basically, we can clear brush and “small” trees between the “large” trees.

The site owner is waving any camping fees if you are staying Saturday night, and if you are bringing an RV the cost for one night is $30 with all hookups

Bronies beware! Derby at WW

Another great event that promises to be a lot of fun for the young, and young at heart, from the desk of Her Excellency Nordskogen:

Greetings unto the populace of Northshield!

As we are not able to have equestrian activities at WW that include real live horses, we thought it would be fun to have an event for those who enjoy horses and horse play to participate in.

So in the spirit for good, clean fun (and good imagination) we are holding a Derby. The Derby will be open to kids of all ages (there will be a children’s 12 and under category and an adult category).

Participants shall endeavor to “show” their fine steeds and then we shall race them. Steeds are limited only by the imagination of the participants and can be anything from a Monty Python-inspired pair of coconut shells, to a horse head on a stick, or schtick as the case may be, to a full-fledged horse suit or a chariot with a team of horses!

Style points, of course, will apply. There will be fun prizes and good time to be had, so come out Saturday morning, try for a shot at best of show and have some good old-fashioned fun!

We look forward to seeing you

Cooks’ Challenge

This message brought to you by Her Grace, Duchess Anne Geoffreys of Warwick:

Greetings All,

Again we are sponsoring a Cooks’ Challenge. I must apologize this year as I am way behind in getting this announcement out. It could be that I had been busy enjoying eating feasts this year that it took me awhile to recover from the food coma I have been in. We are a very lucky Kingdom to have so many cooks. The challenge will be a little varied this year. Her Excellency has requested that there be a group challenge.  So teams of three can compete along with individuals.

The challenge will be held on Friday July 11, 2014 from 5:00–8:00 p.m. during the Friday night festivities. It should be fun. If you are interested in participating please contact me, by email, Facebook, or by phone until 9:00 p.m. at 952-831-5451 by July 6, 2014.

This challenge is open to all to participate. Here is a chance to show off what you have been learning or cooking the dish you’re an expert in. Please don’t be afraid to compete, it is fun and a great way to meet and speak with fellow artisans.

The challenge will have four categories:

Period recipe.

  • Present a period recipe
  • Recipe should be prepared with period ingredients in a period manner.
  • Modern additions/changes may be made with explanation of why the choice was made to make the changes (unable to procure ingredient, enhance flavor, etc.).


  • Redact a period recipe.
  • Modern additions/changes may be made with explanation of why the choice was made to make the changes (unable to procure ingredient, enhance flavor, etc.).
  • Documentation requested.

Team Challenge.

  • A three person team shall prepare what would be a one course of a traditional feast.
  • The team may choose the course (appetizer, main, dessert, etc.).
  • Bonus points given for period recipe, ingredients, preparation, and documentation.

Nordskogen Cooking Champion.

  • You can compete in any category
  • Make known that you are competing for becoming Nordskogen Cooking Champion.
  • Follow the requirement in the category you have selected.

Preparation can be done ahead of time. Announcement will be made for restrictions for cooking and preparing on site. All entries should include a complete ingredient list for the safety of those with food sensitivities/allergies.

Judging will be done based on:

  • How well the entry maintained the category restrictions
  • Overall presentation
  • Aroma
  • Flavor
  • “Wow” factor

There will be other planned activities Friday night.  Don’t forget that you can get points for your Bad Baroness by participating. Please come and have fun. I personally look forward to eating what is presented.

In service to all,
Duchess Anne Geoffrey of Warwick

Read on to see the exact criteria to be used by judges in evaluating entries.

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