Greetings, good people! Please pass these words on to anyone else you think may be interested.

I’ve been asked to handle bardic activities at Warriors & Warlords this year (2018), and accepted. In particular, I’ll certainly see to it that the evening bardic circles around the fires run as smoothly as we can manage (with excellent behind-the-scenes logistical support from Thomas Bordeaux and Arwa al-Jinniyya — thanks, guys!). In general, I plan to start the circles at about the time it gets dark; and the location has yet to be finalized for this year. I’m also open to other possibilities.

For instance, this plan is now set into Friday night’s bardic schedule:


Word on the street is that you will be running the after-dark bardic at WW25.

I want to sponsor a Bardic challenge at WW this year. I will provide judges
and prizes.

I am looking for a Warriors & Warlords theme song of sorts. One that can be sung annually.

The three criteria will be:
1 – upbeat
2 – singable by mere mortals
3 – have a chorus that encourages the populace to join in

I would like to have the competition be right after the Torchlight Tournament on Friday night. Can that be worked into your schedule?

[And Her Majesty has approved of the winner leading us in singing it at Saturday night’s Royal Court.]

Whenever the torchlight tourney is over, I told Coquette to find us at the bardic circle, and we’ll start the contest at the end of the current performance or perhaps the next after that.

So there you have it for now, friends! I’ll see many of you at the event! (And Crown Tourney this weekend.)

— T(Wa)HM Dahrien Cordell =)